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"Adult Lego" they said...

Hello again! I'm (not) ashamed to admit I spend an almost unhealthy amount of time watching YouTube videos and reading about building computers - it comes with the territory I'm afraid! Oftentimes, these videos are wonderful success stories of builds to be proud of... Sometimes though, in real life system building, you come across something that just catches you out or flat out defeats you... I read this ar

The Builder's Paradox... & DDE's Playlist

Nope, not a high-concept science fiction about an all powerful race of beings who have crafted every millimetre of our existence and now find themselves in turmoil as a result of our decisions. Although if anyone is creative and fancies spinning that into a film or novel they are more than welcome to - I'll happily attend the premiere/book launch! Actually, it's about why I got into building PCs all those years ago, and how, despite loving gaming, I don't actually get much ti

The False Economy of the 'Cheap' Gaming PC

Hello again! We've all seen it advertised - between £350 and £500, boasting about its power and prowess in games like Fortnite and Apex Legends. The kind of thing that catches out the unaware... Seems like good value right? But it's a false economy. Often these PCs are built with a combined processor (CPU) and graphics chip (GPU), an older-style optical storage drive and a low amount of RAM. Built to a cost, they get you through the door... But they don't play nice with your

Christmas 2020 & Beyond

Hello again! Well, Christmas Day is behind us, the excitement of unwrapping presents has been replaced by a feeling of being thoroughly, unhealthily full of food and the uneasy feeling that another national lockdown is coming! I had a great Christmas with my family, and was really pleased to deliver 3 cheeky little builds to my customers in time for Christmas, and the feedback has been brilliant (see our Testimonials on this site and on our FB page as well) - just goes to sho

Hello. Bonjour. Ciao, Hola!

Well, that's probably about as exotic as it's going to get on here! Welcome to our first blog - my name is Andrew, and I'm the owner, PC builder and main point of contact for DDE Gaming. You can find out a little bit more about myself in the 'Team' page on the website by following the link at the bottom of the page. In the upcoming blogs I'll be discussing: PC Building - including reviews of components and providing helpful hints and tips for all of you DIY heroes out there.

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