Time Flies When You Are...

... changing jobs, expecting a second child, going on holiday and... gaming? Hello! Long time no blog! Well, a lot has changed since we last spoke: I've moved jobs, and am now nestled back in the welcoming arms of financial services, working for a small brokerage in Chorley called Zigzag Mortgages (get in touch for a free review folks! Zigzag Mortgages Limited) :-) #mortgages #reviewyourmortgage I've got a baby boy on the way - due 23rd of November 2022! We are so excited abo

The False Economy of the 'Cheap' Gaming PC

Hello again! We've all seen it advertised - between £350 and £500, boasting about its power and prowess in games like Fortnite and Apex Legends. The kind of thing that catches out the unaware... Seems like good value right? But it's a false economy. Often these PCs are built with a combined processor (CPU) and graphics chip (GPU), an older-style optical storage drive and a low amount of RAM. Built to a cost, they get you through the door... But they don't play nice with your