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"Adult Lego" they said...

Hello again!

I'm (not) ashamed to admit I spend an almost unhealthy amount of time watching YouTube videos and reading about building computers - it comes with the territory I'm afraid! Oftentimes, these videos are wonderful success stories of builds to be proud of... Sometimes though, in real life system building, you come across something that just catches you out or flat out defeats you...

I read this article recently and really enjoyed it as it gives a more realistic account of the trials and tribulations of building a PC for the first-time builder, and especially like the industry-standard comparison to Lego, as it's one I use myself a lot!

As you can see from that piece in The Guardian, you can really suffer through a build if you are inexperienced, and the author had quite the time getting their PC to run...

Here at DDE Gaming, we can save you the heartache, stress and effort and build your dream PC for less than you expected! If you are thinking about starting your own build, get in touch - I think you'll be pleasantly surprised how little it can cost to get your dream PC put together by a professional!

And maybe one day, I'll even build a PC out of Lego like the guys over at Centre Com from Australia!

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Image credit goes to Centre Com - read the article here for a genuine Lego PC!

Centre Com: Centre Com Builds A Lego PC! (

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